Friday, February 02, 2007

Simon Bloom For Gary Ross

The Hollywood Reporter sez: The rights to Michael Reisman's upcoming book Simon Bloom, the Gravity Keeper - also known as The Teacher's Edition - have been snapped up by Universal Pictures for Gary Ross to direct, and if you're asking me, hopefully to write too.

Ross read the manuscript, about a boy who can alter the rules of physics, himself and took it to the studio. After a bidding war broke out, he was perhaps lucky that Universal came through, but now it seems that Gary Ross, physics buff, will get to make a very clever, witty and just a little bit geeky family film from the title.

The book is published on August 16th, with subsequent volumes - centred around biology and chemistry - to follow. They sound a little harder to conceive and write, I must admit. Bending physics is a much more accessible concept than altering the underlying principals at play in chemistry and biology.

As a footnote, Reisman names Gary Ross' Dave as one of his favourite films on his MySpace page.

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