Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Subtext From A Hat

Four clips of student work from upcoming Pixar animators are online now, courtesy of the Spline Doctors.

Ben Kerr's clip, Decision, is an example of the 'subtext from a hat' exercise, in which he was allocated a line of dialogue and a randomly matched emotion, which he then had to capture in the performance's subtext.

Curran Giddens' Crazy, Julie Choi's hilarious snippet, and Chris Turner's wonderful example of animated acting are all the result of the 'two person dialogue' assignment.

As we can see, the calibre of student - and of teaching - at Pixar remains consistently impressive. Turner's might be my favourite piece but Ghostbusters fans will get a real kick out of Giddens'.

[EDIT: There's more on Giddens' offical site, where you can also find links to plenty of other animators and their showreels. These are the Doug Sweetlands of the future]

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