Wednesday, February 28, 2007


Apparently, Danny Boyle's Sunshine has been pushed back by a number of months because the finished film didn't 'meet expectations'. I'm sure it will meet mine. Boyle's films always have done.

I don't think reshoots are likely, but a recut might be. Or maybe just a release in a less valuable slot.

I'd like to thank the mighty Spinal Tap for the inspiration behind this post's title. All hail the Tap.

[EDIT: Sunshine is being released in April in the UK, where Boyle's name/national pride are possibly enough to open the film respectably, but the US release is indeed some months away. They may be having cold feet about releasing this in America where it is essentially a lower profile film than at home, and would need good word of mouth to do decent business]

[EDIT: Slashfilm's sources are agreeing with mine, now. They say that Sunshine was pushed back because it 'didn't meet expectations'. Sound familiar? Trust me, something's up. This film wrapped a year and a half ago]


Tom Dougherty said...

From the get-go, I thought that this movie was doomed to the bottom dusty shelf of the Blockbuster. For this he passed on the 28 days sequel.

John said...

Hi Brendon
Today I got a press release from Fox that confirmed Sunshine will open on the 5th April with an unchanged running time of 107 mins.

Brendon said...

I haven't had that press release... maybe it was issued today in reaction to the rumours that sprang up over the last three days, the rumours that lead to this post.