Sunday, February 11, 2007

Tartan Snap Up Rights To Julio Medem's Chaotic Ana

A reincarnation fable from the director of Terra, The Red Squirrel and Lovers of the Arctic Circle, Chaotic Ana (Caotica Ana) stars Manuela Velles, plus Charlotte Rampling in her-first spanish-speaking role. Rampling aside (she's offered so much ho-hum to me lately, I've gone quite cold on her) this sounds like a definite retro-edit into my most-anticipated films of 2007, providing, of course, it makes it out in 2007.

Tartan have now taken UK and Irish distribution rights to the film, and I hope they do a good job in getting it unspooled before my hungry eyes as soon they can.

The behind-scenes snap and stills above don't give much away at all. The plot revolves around 18 year old Ana's discovery that she is reincarnated from a string of previous lives in every one of which she died young and in brutal and violent circumstances. In order to avoid this, she packs up and sets off on the run.

In view of this synopsis, it's virtually spoiler material to reveal that the film features dialogue not only in Spanish but also French, English, Arabic and a Native American language.

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