Monday, February 26, 2007

Teaser Poster For Rob Zombie's Halloween

This is the teaser poster for Rob Zombie's
Halloween rehash.

Zombie's really going for the creepy kid angle here. No surprises that his script spends at least a third of it's running time on events that relate to just the first two shots (turning a blind eye to those 'invisble' edits) of the John Carpenter original.

[EDIT: Please note that this is no fake. A small thumbnail of the image can be found on Sheri Moon Zombie's official site]

[EDIT: Okay, please re-note that it is a fake - just like Sheri Moon Zombie's 'official' site. Don't people have anything better to do?]

[EDIT: And now, if you will, re-re-note that this is neither a fake nor an official poster. It was fan created, sure, but it has been sanctioned by Rob and Sheri Moon. Don't expect to see the Weinsteins use it, however]


Anonymous said...

I believe thats a fake. Daeg's photo was photoshopped behind layers of homemade colors and canvases.

Anonymous said...

It's Daeg's picture. it's a fake.

Brendon said...

This is certainly no fake. In fact, a very small version of the image can be found on Sheri Moon Zombie's site.

Piper said...

Who cares if it's a fake or not. It's a bad poster for a bad re-imagining from the brilliant mind of Rob Zombie. Stop the madness.

Anonymous said...

This is certainly a fake. It's a fan poster. If you go to the official rob zombie halloween page on myspace, you can see this poster with the other pictures and it says Fan Poster underneath. And sherri moon zombie's site isn't run by her, but a fan. Less than 3 minutes of research, come on.

Brendon said...

Trust me, I've spent more than 3 minutes trawling through all of the drek getting thrown up around this film. A lot more.

And a single minute more would be too a minute too many, but all the same.

So Sheri Moon Zombie's site is run by just a fan? Blimey, they've got a lot of time on their hands... and some curious biases.

Thanks for your input.