Tuesday, February 20, 2007

A Waste Of Time

An online petition has appeared so that the amassed web hordes might put their names to another futile, if noble cause. This time, the idea is to prevent Grindhouse being split into two films. Thanks to Mike for the link.

The petition master (I would expect it's the web presence sometimes known as Tarantiguez, sometimes Mrs. O) has made an error in their appeal: they believe the film will be split everywhere outside of North America, and this isn't likely to be the case at all. Indeed, the plan is to release the double bill version in all English speaking territories - so that should include the UK and Australia. As the petiton master is from the UK, we might consider it lucky they made this mistake - without a personal interest, there's every chance they wouldn't have bothered.

Even thought there's plenty of other reasons to have not bothered, two of the biggest being Bob and Harvey Weinstein. As if they would ever care one iota about a petition like this.


Liza Marie said...

I signed the petition, but as you said, it highly unlikely it will do any good. It's nice to know the movie will, in fact, be shown uncut in English speaking countries. Where I live, both English and Spanish are the official languages. So to me, that is a sliver of hope.

Brendon said...

Where's that, Liza Marie.

I hope you get the real deal, wherever it is.