Thursday, February 01, 2007

Whedon's Woman Not So Wonderful?

Matthew Jennison and Brent Strickland have written a Wonder Woman script on spec, and sold it to Warner Bros. What does this mean fro Joss Whedon's long-coming, heavily discussed take on the superheroine?

The story seems to be that Silver pictures and Warners have stepped in to purchase this script simply as a cautionary measure. They've snapped this version up so that no legal trouble will arise if it bears any comparison to Whedon's version. Hmmmm. I'm not buying that entirely, not on face value. Does that mean we could all sit down tomorrow, knock out Spider-Man 4 specs and guarantee ourselves a nice, fat paycheck? Of course not. This given explanation doesn't explain everything, that's for sure.

There would certainly be no issue if Whedon had anything like a completed script - how could he be accused of plagiarism in that case? So, it's reasonable to assume that, so far at least, none of Whedon's drafts have met producer Joel Silver's approval. It might also be reasonable to assume that, actually, the Jennison and Strickland version does contain elements similar to Silver's preferred approach, and he's looking to have them incorporated into Whedon's script. The Hollywood Reporter do admit that Silver was impressed by Jennison and Strickland's writing.

It has been reported that this spec Wonder Woman script is a period film, set in the aftermath of the second World War, while Whedon's story is a contemporary one.

This all smells fishy to me. We haven't heard the end of this.

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Mark said...

If I did stick out a spec script for Spidey #4, I'm pretty sure I'd make The Lizard my main villain.