Friday, February 09, 2007

Who Is Writing Toy Story 3? And What Is Going To Happen To Chris Sanders An American Dog?

Reuters have the straight scoop from a Disney-Pixar press conference. Most exciting news? That Lee Unkrich is directing Toy Story 3 from a script by Michael Arndt, the screenwriter of Little Miss Sunshine. Unkrich is Pixar's master of montage and was a co-director on Toy Story 2.

Several clips and pre-production reels were shown from a number of films, including Ratatouille, Wall-E, Toy Story 3 and Chris Sanders' feared-dead An American Dog.

Ed Catmull confirmed that hand-drawn animation was indeed retruning to Disney, but that the 'main studio', Walt Disney Feature Animation, would also be making CG films quite seperately from Pixar's.

I'd open a bottle of champagne if I had one.

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