Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Across The Universe Ruined

Yeah, well done Revolution. Idiots.

Joe Roth has recut Julie Taymor's Across the Universe. Why? Because they're fools, that's why. Now Taymor is making moves to have her name removed from the film, bad press is about to spiral out of control and all of the positive word from advance screenings is revealed as worthless.

What on earth does Roth think he's doing?

If the various amassed hordes of internet film writers deserve to be taken seriously, they'll kick up one mother of a fuss about this, regardless of their feelings about Taymor. Studio recuts need to be battled, and this is as good an arena as any - in fact, better than most, because we're dealing with a genuine artist. let's take this as an exemplar of 'art versus commerce' and show the studio scissormen what we think of such behaviour.

Your comments, please.

[EDIT: The New York Times on this matter]

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