Friday, March 23, 2007

Angarano Mismanagement

Michael Angarano is in 'final negotiations' to star in Rob Minkoff's as-yet-untitled Jackie Chan and Jet Li film. Of all the directors that could have been charged with this project...

Frankly, the appointment of Minkoff seems as good as random to me. Not to knock him, though - I'd take Minkoff over, say, Gore Verbinski any day of the week. Did Donny Yen or Cory Yuen have something better to do?

Angarano's character is to be a 17 year old who wants to be a Kung Fu hero. After getting beaten up by a street gang, he is somehow sent back in time and caught up in a quest to return the Monkey King's power staff to it's rightful, cheeky owner.

I'm thinking: Neverending Story (or 2 or 3) crossed with Sidekicks, by way of The Last Action Hero - with just a tiny modicum of Chinese folklore, but not so much that the film won't play in Kansas.

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