Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Bakshi Book... And Film?

Jon Gibson and Chris McDonnell are working on what promises to be one of the most lavish, expensive but tempting gift options of 2008: a big coffee table biography-come-art-book about Ralph Bakshi. They've announced it today at Cartoon Brew, but they also set up their own page, rather secretly, in late 2006... a page which gives away something very interesting.

Welcome to the Ralph’s Spot Production Blog. We will be posting updates here on two projects that center around legendary director, cartoonist, and painter Ralph Bakshi.

Two projects? I'm assuming the other is a museum retrospective, but I'm hoping that, actually, it's a film. A decent Bakshi documentary would be a very good thing.

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lairdofdarkness said...

My Local Poundland (aberdeen) have the Bakshi "Lord of the Rings" on dvd for...wait for it...a whole shiny pound!!!!!