Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Betty Hutton Has Died

After a YouTube session of Betty Hutton clips this weekend, I now read, sadly, that she has died. Just days after I was surprised to read she was still alive. She was 86.

One of Betty's biggest hits was Blow a Fuse, latterly known as It's Oh So Quiet and covered by Bjork. There's the odd tip of the hat to Hutton in the Bjork promo video, but it is largely lost in the rush to reference as many musicals as possible.

Annie Get Your Gun was Hutton's big movie role, tailored specifically to her talents when Judy Garland dropped out part way into filming. Comparing the two directly - a pair of Garland numbers are on the special edition DVD - has won Hutton a whole raft of favour.

Unusually for a toplining female star of musicals, Hutton's persona was more antic than erotic, based on energy, vivaciousness and pizazz rather than the pseudo-sweet sexualisation of many of her peers. And she could be funny. Honestly and genuinely funny.

Watch the clips yourself. Let Betty's song and dance do the talking.


Anonymous said...

She was a particular favorite so it's great to see her remembered here along with links to some of her musical numbers on YouTube. Thanks.

Brendon said...

I wish I had something more to say, but sadly, I don't know much about Betty. But I do know that she was great fun to watch, and I hope that she's always remembered fondly for it.