Monday, March 12, 2007

Bourne Back

Image the it on bigger click make to. Though not necessarily in that order.

This film is going to face some tough comparisons to 300. Obviously, they're very different prospects - but Bourne comes from a Watchmen director who almost was, 300 from the Watchmen director who almost is. Neither of them would do one half the job Gilliam would have, but anyway, I can't cling on to that dream forever.

Though I am secretly (?) hoping Snyder's Watchmen ends up falling apart before production.


J. Kyle said...

After seeing United 93, I'm convinced Paul Greengrass would have directed the ideal Watchmen film. I'm sorry, but Gilliam's style of filmmaking, while wonderful, is simply not suited to the material. United 93 shows that Greengrass is capable of the realism and restraint required for Watchmen.

I'm really sad they let him get away.

Brendon said...

I'd argue that Gilliam changes his style as appropriate.

Anonymous said...

Gilliam does not change his style to accommodate production regardless of whatever property it is. Name one of his films where he has done that or rather, name one of his films he has made that if you took away everything he gave to it, i.e. the overall style and tone, would be a good film afterwards.

Snyder's Watchmen is coming and will not fall apart after 300's glorious $70 million take this past weekend. To be honest I think Snyder has it in him to deliver a great faithful adaptation. Gilliam would have been an interesting choice had he stayed with the project but he didn't and I for one am glad that he can continue making the types of films only he, Gilliam, can make.

Brendon said...

Name a Gilliam film that has more substance than just their style and tone?

Well, assuming that style and tone aren't substance, just for a moment, how about...

all of them?

He's only made the smartest films of the last quarter century.

Anonymous said...

Really, smartest films of the last quarter century? Explain the Brothers Grimm.

Don't get me wrong I love Gilliam and have begun to show my daughter certain films of his but his directing style for Watchmen wouldn't be appropriate for the source material.

To be perfectly honest, I have always felt that Watchmen should either be done as an animated miniseries or not done at all.

Do I think Snyder is the perfect choice for this? No. But after years upon years of false starts and the script being in the place it is, I have a good feeling that we will finally get the Watchmen adaptation we have been asking for.

For the record, Gilliam has never misstepped in my eyes. He is one of a handful of directors I can wholeheartedly dub a master filmmaker.