Monday, March 05, 2007

Bryan Singer On Uncanny X-Men

Rich Johnston has this evening confirmed (well, I'll happily call it a confirmation) that Bryan Singer's run on Ultimate X-Men will be going ahead "in conjunction with Marc Andreyko".

[EDIT: Yes, Ultimate. Not Uncanny. My mistake]


Mark said...

Sounds like it'll be actually written by Andreyko, then, maybe based on some notes Singer has scrawled hastily on a napkin.

Comic said...

That should be "ultimate X-Men", not uncanny... Could this mean *gasp* you don't read comics?!

Brendon said...

Some comics, but not a great deal. It has been... oh, I dunno. About five months since I last read a comic.

Very little of the monthly stuff appeals to me. At all.

I'm always interested in seeing what movie folk do in comics, however. And I like Joss Whedon's X-Men stuff a lot.

My fave comics? Neil Gaiman stuff, early-to-mid Alan Moore, some ealrier Grant Morrison, Chris Ware, some other bits and pieces...

But I read comics like most people read books: four or five times a year, maybe.