Monday, March 12, 2007

Bunny Lake Is Dead

Joe Carnahan has posted to his blog about the recent departure of Reese Witherspoon from Bunny Lake is Missing, and it sounds to me that he's off the film. Make your own mind up:

Scuttlebutt: How about NOTHING. How about a situation where the press tries to stir it up. These things happen. Movies go away every day. Reese is dealing with a lot of stuff in her life. So am I. We were running up against it as far as time for prep and shooting and scripting, etc. I had already commited to White Jazz and the longer we stretched Bunny the more in jeopardy the WJ schedule became. And there was just no way I could let that happen. I need a nice extended prep period for that flick.

And now I've got it.

That's it guys. I wish there were some truly tasty bits of gossip but there just aren't. Sorry.

Onward and upward y'all! White Jazz awaits.

I'm prepared to bet the eventual Bunny Lake film, from a different director, is better than White Jazz.

Will Reese come back onboard for a different director? I think she might, though not any time soon, maybe.

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