Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Donovan Slacks

The US/UK independent film Donovan Slacks is set to premiere at the International Film Festival of Uruguay (March 24th-April 8th) with a release later this year. (Uruguay has a film festival? Well done, Uruguay!)

Set in 1920's England,
Donovan Slacks centers around a young hospital patient, who discovers a bitter truth about his past and leads a fisherman's revolt against the government. First-time director Kivmars Bowling has embraced the film's period setting in his style, having shot half of it as a 1920's silent film and half as a "talkie." It was made on an extremely limited budget, but can still boast a cast of 75, vintage cars and props, stunts, and battle scenes.

The trailer can be viewed on the film's official website. It doesn't look promising and the shoddy format they have used only makes things worse. The press release promises epic and experimental, but what they are showing here looks low budget and clumsy. Forced to sum it up in one pithy statement, I would say it looks like YouTube's version of
Doctor Zhivago.

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