Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Emile Hirsch Leaving Zac Efron In The Dust

Emile Hirsch is in final negotiations to take the lead role in Speed Racer. Zac Efron does appear to have been the first choice, but, according to the rumour mongering birds out there, his High School Musical contract was too tight and dates couldn't be shifted.

From what I hear, however, Efron might well have the last laugh as all manner of high profile roles are being sniffed out for him in preperation for the High School sing-a-long being over later this year.

Good luck to them both.

[EDIT: The BBC have gotten a little confused. Forget Emile, they're claiming that Judd Hirsch has the part]

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Matt said...

That's okay. I was thinking yesterday that he would be perfect for an Americanized live action Akira as well. He looks the part.