Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Escape From New York Remake Not Quite A Remake?

Daniel Robert Epstein is the man who does the lion's share of interviews for the 'Playgoth' website, Suicide Girls. Yesterday, he published a chat with John Carpenter which made for rather entertaining reading, as I'd hope you'd expect.

Here they are on the matter of the Gerard Butler-starring Escape From New York remake:

John: I don’t know that it’s a remake. I think it’s a lot about Snake before he gets to New York.

Daniel: But it just made me think that maybe the remake rights might be different than the rights to the character Snake Plissken because none of the articles mentioned you guys being involved with the project. Are you guys going to be credited producers?

John: Executive producer.

Daniel: Do you have any desire to be more involved?

John: My main involvement is I read the scripts and make sure the character is the same character that we wrote originally. I think that would be cool. My other main involvement in this project is to extend my hand and have a check placed in it.

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