Friday, March 02, 2007

A Fangoria Full Of Sickos

The images below are scans from the latest Fangoria showing and telling all about Planet Terror, Robert Rodriguez' half of Grind House. I've mixed them up and left two crucial pages out - text pages, mainly - so that you all rush off and buy the magazine. Think of this as a really big, indepth ad. A really big indepth ad that you can click on to make huge.

You should all be buying Fangoria anyway. Shame on you if you're not.

[EDIT: These images apparently originated on 'The Grindhouse Forums', a message board dedicated mainly to one woman crowing, boasting, browbeating and berating a whole load of other folk. They've already circulated to a handful of other places, but that was reportedly the root. I will happily delete the big images here and provide a link to an outside page instead - IF it proves to be a page that doesn't need a log in to access it. I agree with the comment below: why should you have to give an e-mail address over to look at these images? So, Melina - or whoever - at this Forum, please provide me with a nice URL that doesn't require registration and I'll stick it up here in place of the pictures]


Melina said...

I bought the magazine and scanned these myself exclusively for the Tarantino & Rodriguez Fan Community (formerly the Grindhouse Forum). They were being hosted on Flickr as a favor to me so I could post higher quality scans which were easier to read. I don't appreciate you nabbing them from there, and I would like it if you took these down. I know that you're going to do whatever you want anyway, but I just wanted you to know where these came from and how I feel about it. :(

Anonymous said...

So, what's the deal here? You can steal this from Fangoria,but this blog can't post them too? That's VERY hypocritical, isn't it?

Just let them be seen. Besides, you don't have to supply an e-mail address to this blog to read them. Why should I have to register to look at this stuff?

Are you some kind of Empire builder, Melina?

Anonymous said...

Page 4 and everything after page 6 is missing. What's the deal Melina - get it together :)

Melina said...

Maybe it wasn't completely kosher for me to "steal" the images from Fangoria, but I think it was a nice thing to do for the members of the forum, especially a large number of them who live in Europe and can't get their hands on a copy. It just stings when someone turns a little unexpected treat into an opportunity to make their own site/blog look better. I probably wouldn't be so upset if I had at least been credited. How hard is it to say, "Thanks to Melina!" and post a link to the forum? I know it's not a huge deal, but is it so wrong of me to be a little upset?

And I don't understand what the big deal is about the e-mail address. I'm a moderator, and I can't even see it unless you let me (you have the option of keeping it private). What are you so afraid of? Besides, if you're interested enough to check out these scans, then why wouldn't you want to browse our forum? We probably have more information/pics/whatever on this project than any other site on the net (except for the official one - which has a link to us, by the way).

But whatever. What's done is done. I've already promised to scan next month's article on Death Proof, but you can bet I'll keep that one in the forum alone.

Brendon said...

It won't be hard for film ick to get those images from somewhere else, anyway - just as they did with these - but, by then, Death Proof will be on the verge of release and it won't be news.

What about a free trade of information, Melina?

But, okay, thanks for scanning them - and to anybody else who took them, hosted them, and left them where I could get at them without jumping through hoops.

I put these scans here not to make the blog LOOK better, but to make it better. It is better for haviung these. You played a part in that, apparently, and nobody will doubt it.

Just like, say, Variety of The Hollywood Reporter play a part in just about every post to appear on just about every film site around the world.

I'll say it again: provide a link that somebody can click on and arrive at these images without having to spend minutes registering, then I'll take them all down and replace them with that link. If you can't do that then, frankly, we're not in competition. I'm offering something that you AREN'T. We're not in the same line here. I'm showing people a few pages of Fangoria. You're getting people to join your club.

Brendon said...

Re: the missing pages. As I said, I left pages out so that people might go to get Fangoria and enjoy them there.

They COULD join Melina's club to see the rest on her club page too.

If they wanted to.

Anonymous said...

I saw this magazine at the bookstore and there are some pages missing. And who cares who stole it from who? The whole thing was stolen from Fangoria to begin with.