Sunday, March 25, 2007

First Look: Golden Compass Footage

[EDIT: The footage is now viewable on YouTube]

The Golden Compass
looks much, much nicer than I was expecting. The production design has gelled into something that makes a lot of sense.

You can see for yourself, as the First Look at The Golden Compass is online now. Thanks to Mike, I knew where to find it.

Much of the footage is unfinished, but you do get a look at a Daemon transformation, some Iorek action, a lovely skyline shot of Lyra's Oxford and a near-the-climax glimpse of The Bridge to the Stars.

Chris Weitz was most definitely not the perfect man for the job, but things are looking better than expected none the less.


Anonymous said...

Thank you. That was fantastic!

kungfupanda said...

Can maybe Mike or anyone else check what more secret footage is on that media.fotokem website.
Maybe there's more early trailers from upcoming movies

Mark said...

If they can get the polar bear right, they should be okay.

st39.6 said...

the link doesnt seem 2 b workin, requires some kinda password ... so, wot should I do? thanx folx