Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Grind House 2

So, what are going to be the films to make up the second Grind House double feature?

Talking to VH1, Eli Roth discusses Thanksgiving:

The trailer was so much fun. It's all gore and nudity. It's all money shots, bodies being chopped up and people being stabbed and cheerleaders stripping on trampolines. It's three minutes of pure happiness. The feature will never live up to the trailer unless we just do 90 minutes of that. For Grind House 2 I think there's a very strong chance of shooting it. Quentin and Robert and the Weinstein Company love the trailer so much they're already asking me, "Where's the script for Thanksgiving?"

(He also suggests he turned down Die Hard 4, The Hulk and Halo to make Hostel 2)

And, in another chat, Tarantino spells out his plans for the future:

There's all these subgenres in exploitation movies and cinema in general that we like, and this gives us a license to explore them all ... I do have an idea in my mind for an old-school kung-fu movie that would be shot in Mandarin ... there would be a long version of it, with subtitles and all serious. Then I would cut another version way down, like they did in America, and dub it! Not to make it look silly, but you can't help but benefit from its humorous quality.

If the audience screams for Thanksgiving and Don't! or Werewolf Women of the S.S., and Rob, Edgar and Eli want to do it, we're all down.

And the then confirms, once more, that his next film will be Inglorious Bastards.


Sledge said...

Any news about The Vega Brothers ?
Or is that just a pipe dream ?

Brendon said...

Pipe dream.

Sounds rubbish anyway.

Sledge said...

Didn't sound as rubbish a few years back. John and Michael are getting on a bit now.
Still could be interesting though ...

Ronen said...

"And the then confirms, once more, that his next film will be Inglorious Bastards." he has been for the last decade.


Brendon said...

It will be next, I reckon...

...maybe not for years, but next nonetheless.