Wednesday, March 28, 2007

H G Lewis On Autership

GreenCine have a new interview with Herschell Gordon Lewis. Timely, as the world has genuinely gone grindhouse crazy.

One particularly good bit:

The difference between auteurship and showmanship, in my opinion, is light years because it's the difference between making a movie for yourself or making a movie for people you've never heard of and who have never heard of you before. I see this all the time. I see people who don't make movies, they [believe] that their words are inviolate. Not at all. That simply is not my position and everyone is obviously free to criticize - and certainly I've been criticized, probably more than anybody else, even comparatively with Ed Wood - not because of the movie but the intention behind it. The intention behind what one produces, whether it's a movie or a book, is not necessarily dependent on what the individual who creates it wants to say about it.

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