Sunday, March 11, 2007

Hostel Round-Up

I think we can now safely assume that, in fact, the second Hostel film is largely located in Germany. There's the last few scenes of the first Hostel to take into account, for one thing; there's the German voice over on the teaser trailer; there's the new site set up at - not so much just a German site for the film as a fake site for 'the operation' in Germany, if you know what I mean. I like the site a lot, but I keep expecting it to suddenly make a really loud noise and for a big gruesome image to fill the screen - just like all of those 'watch closely for the ghostie' virals - so I haven't left it on for very long.

Of course, this may all be bluff to hide the big spoiler I've heard tell of. The spoiler had a good, clean source - but, personally, I'm starting to doubt it. I think Germany is very much where it's at. I think I was sent a deliberate piece of misinformation.

There's a new Hostel 2 poster too, but it's truly ugly. And not in a good way. It seems to be a bad photosphop blending of the previous images - the meat and the naked Bijou - so I assumed it was just a piece of bad fan work. Apparently not, however. Loads of sites are claiming this is official. If so, I'm very disappointed. This is a terrible poster.

Hostel 2 is released during June in most of the big territories.

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