Thursday, March 29, 2007

Indiana Jones 4 To Be In 3D? And The Lovely Bones Too?

Michael Campbell, the CEO of Regal cinemas in the US, and Jeffrey Katzenberg, Dreamworks' head conveyor belt oiler, yesterday spoke to analysts at a Bank of America convention. The basic thrust of their argument was that punters are really going for 3D, so let's do more of it - and then charge them a premium.

That argument is ridiculous. We're already paying too much - the extra dimension just made the ticket prices seem more reasonable. Push the toll up and we're back to square one, and before we know it, cinemas will be getting smashed down and Blu Ray will rule the world 'forever'.

Katzenberg commented that a lot of cinema chains had proven 'slow' in adopting the digital technology requisite to screening 3D films, but suggested the slate of upcoming titles would hurry things along. Without naming any, he revealed that these upcoming films were to come from directors James Cameron, Robert Zemeckis, Stephen Spielberg and Peter Jackson.

Which is to say, I believe, Indiana Jones and the Something Probably a Bit Like a City of Gods and The Lovely Bones are to be shot and presented in 3D.

Is this right? Announcements can't be far off now.

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