Sunday, March 04, 2007

John August's Justice League

So, there's a Justice League movie on the cards. We all know that now. But who is writing it? And how will it work alongside the Batman, Superman and Wonder Woman franchises that are already underway or in deep development?

The answer to one of those questions is in the title of this post. John August's next assignment is the Justice League script. He virtually stated it outright on his blog.

There's more news on this just around the corner... stay tuned...

[EDIT: So, Michelle and Kiernan Mulroney are the paid-up hired scriptwriters of the Justice League film. Does that mean August isn't too? I guess so. For now, at least. I'm still waiting on the "more on this" I was promised, and I hope that it a) comes soon b) clears things up and c) vindicates my foolish assumption

I need to pay more attention to films that, frankly, sound lifeless and dull to me - Justice League being a case in point.

Thanks to Drew for the info]


Mark said...

The News Of The World had a supposed plot for this movie in this morning's edition - the only problem being, the plot they reported was that of that old much-bootlegged TV pilot from 1997 (y'know, the one with David Ogden Stiers out of M.A.S.H. in a green body stocking as Jonn Jonnz). Oh how we laughed!

AntoBlueberry said...

I don't think he's working on the Justice League movies. His writing is always geared to more bizarre stuff.
Doom Patrol? The alternate Earths thing he mentions may point to Flash.

Mark said...

His twin references to "DC mythology" and "alternate universes" at the end of that piece made me think he may be taking a shot at WATCHMEN rather than JLA.