Saturday, March 24, 2007

Ladies And Gentlemen, For One Week Only... The Transformers

Metrodome have announced that they will releasing the Transformers movie for a special one-week only engagement in a single London cinema in May of this year.

Of course, this won't be the big-budget 'ET with robocars' version from Michael Bay, but Nelson Shin's incredibly naff animated film from the 80s. (Shin was also the director of Empress Chung, the first film to be released simultanesouly in North and South Korea and, apparently, came up with the look of the lightsabres'... er... lasery blade thing)

Metrodome will then release an 'Ultimate Edition' of the film on DVD in June, cashing in on Bot fever just in time for a twenty-year peak. This release is going to have a widescreen aspect ratio, though which one is not yet known for sure. Whatever it ends up being, expect similar controversy to that surrounding their 'Reconstructed' DVD release in late 2005.

For the record, I do expect Michael Bay's film to be better than the animated one, but yes, in saying that I am rather damning the new flick with faint praise.

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