Sunday, March 11, 2007

Lie Back And Think Of Catalan

According to the rather conservative Spanish newspaper ABC, the Secretary of Linguistic Policy in Catalan has funded a pornographer to the tune of 5,000 Euros. The filmmaker Conrad Son has made a trio of saucy films for exhibition in the DonnaSex Barcelona festival - apparently a feminist porn jamboree.

The funding of Laura is Single, The Memory of the Fish and The Seas are Not Blue was apparently granted because they were considered useful tools for the promotion and propogation (oo-er) of the Catalan language. I'm sure they will be, but I'm not convinced the range of vocabulary in the typical porn film is wide enough. These must be rather talky blue movies.

This might be an idea that Wales could adopt in order to promote their language too? And maybe Glynn and Imogen from last summer's Big Brother want another crack at celebrity... something tells me they'd actually consider it.

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