Wednesday, March 14, 2007

More On Edgar Wright's Trailer For Grindhouse

Earlier today I revealed a few bits and bobs about Edgar Wright's trailer for Grindhouse, and now Garth Franklin at Dark Horizons has revealed even more.

film ick said: Edgar has told me that his fake film is not, in fact, called Don't Scream. This is just a caption that appears on screen. He has yet to tell me what it is called, however... Apparently, though, the trailer as written, directed and edited by Edgar himself and we can expect 30 actors to pop up during its 90 second running time.

Dark Horizons said: Completing the trailer literally right after he wrapped up shooting on Hot Fuzz, Wright had to shoot, edit, grade, mix, etc. and deliver the trailer all in the space of six days. He managed to rope in some big stars apparently to appear in his trailer, but won't reveal who and is keeping it all a surprise.

There's more revealed at Dark Horizons.

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