Thursday, March 01, 2007

Nightmare USA

FAB Press are holding a one day horror fest at London's Riverside Studios in Hammersmith and they're calling it Nightmare USA. For just £25 you can see quite an astonishing lineup, and possibly for the only time ever on UK cinema screens. Wow. How can you resist an offer like that?

Starting at noon and running until 11pm, the roster includes: Don't Go in the House; Pigs; Victims; Bloody Brothers; and the truly delirious Boardinghouse.

The FAB blurb describes Boardinghouse as ' the weirdest American horror film of the '80s', but I think that would have to be Aerobicide (the oversized saftey pin seals the deal, if you ask me).

The whole affair is to promote Stephen Thrower's new book, also titled Nightmare USA, and Thrower will be present, to chat, sell and sign.

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