Monday, March 19, 2007

No Love For Nick Love, Sunshine Pimp Gets Personal

Ryan Gilbey knocked Nick Love's Outlaw before release, and his piece was suddenly subject to a slew of suspicious rebuttals. Of course, they came from folk in the employ of the film's producers or distributors, and it all smelled so fishy nobody was swallowing it.

The ongoing stream of comments, from readers real and fake, makes for interesting reading, however.

For the record, I am quite clear on the matter of Nick Love: he is not a good filmmaker, and he shows no signs of ever becoming one. I'd sincerely recommend you skip his films entirely.

Luckily, film ick flies under the radar - mostly - and I won't have to fend off paid spammers trying to flog Outlaw to the site's too-savvy-to-be-interested readers.

Meanwhile, somebody paid by DNA to hawk Sunshine has taken issue with my cynicism about the film on the IMDB messageboards. All I did as a) state that I expected the film to be bad and that b) a small group of people who have seen it agreed with my expectations. I even mentioned that most disagreed with me and liked the film (as per anything else Danny Boyle ever directed).

The DNA flunky got rather personal, of course - which is, frankly, quite disappointing. Can't they just pimp the film politely, cash their check and leave those of us with a degree of healthy cynicism unpestered? Do they really have to berate me in order to ensure their film's reputation doesn't even encounter the tiny scratching I could ever hope to give it?

I look forward to reviewing Sunshine. I'll do so the way I review anything else - fairly, and based upon what I see and hear, not upon my previous expectations. If it so happens that I'm wrong, and it isn't a heap of pretentious, confused twaddle, I'll eat my words, sincerely.

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