Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Oswalt On Sex And Death

Sci Fi Wire were listening to Patton Oswalt chat about Ratatouille when he slipped in a few morsels regarding Sex and Death 101, the dust-gathering latest from Daniel Waters. Waters was the screenwriter of the greatest script ever written.

Yep. He wrote Heathers.

Oswalt said of Waters "I guess he's going to take it to some film festivals and show it to distributors. I hope it comes out. It was really good. I mean, it's not like anything, so why not put it out there?"

He described his character, Fred, as "a supreme being controller of the universe" - though that's probably going to give you the wrong idea, if I know Waters.

I've discussed Sex and Death 101 before, but if you can't bother using that wee search box uptop, here's the basic premise: Simon Baker plays Roderick Blank, a nearly-married man who, one week before his big day, receives an e-mail list of all the women he has ever slept with. As if this wasn't curious enough, the list goes on, apparently naming all of the women he will go on to sleep with in the rest of his life. This includes a formerly-lesbian astronaut and a younger girl from a private school.

Winona Ryder's character, Gillian 'Death' Nell, is on the list too, which is a serious problem for Blank because, somehow, everybody who ever lies down with her goes into a coma...

Frankly, I find it criminal that a film with this kind of line-up is having to go looking for distributors, that they aren't bowing and scraping at Waters door and begging to come in.

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