Monday, March 26, 2007

Paid By The Word Volume Two

The Guardian have taken a very small leaf ouf of Wired's book and comissioned a series of six word stories.

Elmore Leonard, Miranda July and Helen Fielding are amonsgt those witht he strongest film ties, and July's in particular was quite inventive.

Those and a couple of my other favourites follow below. Please submit your own, should you desire, in the comments section.

It can't be. I'm a virgin - Kate Atkinson

The pillow smelled like my brother - Patrick Neate

Armageddon imminent. Make list. Tick most - Ian Rankin

Bob's last message. Bermuda triangle, Baloney - Elmore Leonard

"Hello?" "Cupcake." "Douglas?! I'm... married." [click] - Miranda July

Dad called: DNA back: he isn't - Helen Fielding

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