Thursday, March 01, 2007

Pee Wee Phone Home

Variety have reported that Paul Reubens is to play an alien in Area 52, a half-hour comedy pilot being directed by Dean Parisot for NBC. Parisot previously gave us Galaxy Quest, so either he really does have a thing for space aliens or TV execs are silly auterists with an utter lack of imagination. Something tells me that David Bowie will be approached for a cameo if this gets picked up.

I like Reubens. I want him to be a star again. That alone singles this out from most other half-hour shows on US TV for me.

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Ben said...

Reubens appeared a couple of weeks ago in a guest spot on another NBC sitcom, 30 Rock, playing an inbred aristocrat with very few of his original body parts. He was extremely funny.