Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Psychos, Rose, Beasts

A four-part Making of Grindhouse featurette has popped up exclusively (for now, at least) on a Rose McGowan fansite. They've stolen it from FX, I believe, so move faster than the lawyers if you want a download. It is essential viewing.

Edgar Wright's fake trailer - for the Peter Walker-like Don't Scream - is finally revealed, too. It looks, as you might expect, quite brilliant.

[EDIT: Edgar has told me that his fake film is not, in fact called Don't Scream. This is just a caption that appears on screen. He has yet to tell me what it is called, however...

Apparently, though, t
he trailer was written, directed and edited by Edgar himself.we can expect 30 actors to pop up during its 90 second running time. Sounds like a whole heap of fun and then some more fun on top. Just for fun]

There was, sort of, a
Waynes World pun in this post. Sorry.

[EDIT: There's a few other sites hosting it now, but the Rose McGowan fansite seem to be (FX aside) the origin]

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