Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Resurrection Apprentice Resurrected

The Hollywood Reporter have today announced production of I Sell the Dead, the debut feature film from Irish filmmaker Glenn McQuaid. His script tells a Hammer-sounding grave robbing yarn that unfolds in the foggy London graveyards of the 18th century.

The named stars are to be longtime Don Coscarelli collaborator Angus Scrimm, Ron Perlman and sometime Hobbit Dominic Monaghan. Accordingly, the shoot is scheduled to squeeze in the gap after Lost is done filming for the season and before production on Hellboy 2 begins.

The film is derived from a short, The Resurrection Apprentice, also written and directed by Glenn McQuaid. You can see a still and poster from the short above. Note the tagline for the short- for the feature, it will apparently be changed to 'Never Trust a Corpse'. Last time round. Larry Fessenden took the Perlman part; this time he's producing.

Ti West, director of the second Cabin Fever, benefited from McQuaid's special effects expertise on his debut film The Roost.

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