Sunday, March 11, 2007

Return Of The Little Green Jedi

Here's cleaner look at the Star Wars TV Yoda image we showed you a few weeks ago. It was quite liked before, maybe it will be genuinely beloved this time.


Anonymous said...

I like the work, but I still have a bit of an issue considering Tartakofsky is not involved. It's his style rendered in 3D after all, despite Lucasfilm owning the rights. There's some kind of corporate evil in that.

Still, Lucas has said everything I've wanted to hear. It will apparently be much like the cartoons in a longer format. Every episode will be about another part of the clone wars. 100 episodes. And smart-assed as he put it, which is great.

Mark said...

Genndy's CLONE WARS cartoons rocked, mainly because they were everything the fans wanted from Lucas's prequels and didn't get: fast paced space samurai action. Wonder if he'll have the sense to maintain that tone if Tartakovsky and his team aren't involved?