Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Science Of Sleep Film B

If you're anything like me, you really enjoyed the Science of Sleep when you saw it, but went on to enjoy it even more in your memories and recollections of it. I'm quite worried to watch it again, in case I find out that it doesn't live up to my dreams.

Thankfully, however, Michel Gondry has the perfect solution to just this problem. He has created Science of Sleep Film B, an entirely different cut offering the perfect "it does seem different but it's not just me" answer. The film is released today on DVD in France, as the second disc in a Science of Sleep special edition, and it has English subtitles - though not only when appropriate to hearing English speakers, unfortunately, but either all the way through or not at all.

Gondry has made a short film called De-Blendex to promote this new version.

Anybody know if and when Film B will make it to England or the USA?

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