Friday, March 16, 2007

Sin City 2 Shooting In June

Lots of Dame to Kill For talk today. Rosario Dawson said it in real life at ShoWest, Frank Miller said it in the virtual universe of Second Life: Sin City 2 is to re-enter pre-production within the next six weeks or so for a June shoot.

I expect to start hearing reports about the laid-off art crew getting laid back on again any second now.

Who will play Ava Lord? Angelina Jolie's pregnancy caused the initial delay in production but now her sudden availability might be the catalyst for what does appear to be a sharp u-turn; some reports claimed Rachel Weisz was up for the part; I've personally been told Rose McGowan was under consideration.

Here's my bet. I'll place one chip on Jolie, two on McGowan and leave Weisz well alone - not expectations based on anything I'm keeping secret, just a gut feeling.

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Bloke down the pub said...

Thing in the always ultra-reliable journal THE SUN this morning said Jolie has retired from acting. Damned shame, 'cus if I remember the book right, the charater of Ava, a.k.a. "The Dame To Kill For" spends the majority of her time in the nip.