Monday, March 19, 2007

Steptoe And Thor

Rich Johnston has a quote from Stewart Lee, regarding the Thor sitcom he's working on.

It won't be like the comics Thor, although obviously my interest in so many branches of myth and lit was kickstarted by reading comics as a kid. What I am interested in is the Father/son relationship, as in Steptoe and Son and Porridge too. Odin is immortal (-ish). So is Thor. The son will never replace the father. What a fantastic metaphor for my own relationship with my own late fater, or for any son's relationship with a father. There will be as few Fantasy-ish elements in the script as possible. What I am interested in is inter-generational arguing. Tony Law, a comedian and viking enthusiast, will be working as a script consultant."

Rich also has a report and pic from the 300 premiere I was at - and at which I was sat next to Rich. I should something about it, really, but... well, I don't know where to start.

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Mark said...

I'd say start with a yay or nay verdict on whether 300 is worth seeing or not.