Friday, March 16, 2007

Stupidly Hi-Res Fantastic Four And Silver Surfer Character Posters

This film is going to be awful. Enjoy these stupidly hi-res posters. 'Thanks' to Mike for using them to clog up my e-mail inbox.


Anonymous said...

Somehow i think you're right. Fantastic Four has such a giid story, i only wish the film could be treated with better actors and a more credible director.

Bloke down the pub said...

Seeing they've already covered poor old Chiklis in latex, would it hurt to stick a bit more on his eyebrows to make the costume look sufficiently Kirby-fied?

Plus the movie - to quote Ben Grimm by way of Joss Whedon - "giant monsters are our signature piece". To include the Surfer and not have a King Kong-sized Galactus show up in the last at would be utter folly.