Monday, March 05, 2007

Tarantino Times

Is your donkey done with its hind legs? Tarantino can talk them off for you, if you want.

The Times have plundered The Iconoclasts' Tarantino and Fiona Apple episode for lots of motor mouthing from the king of the video heads. Apple doesn't get a look in, but then, see, this is a film blog so we don't care too much.

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Nice said...

thanks for linking this. i think far too many people look at Kill Bill like it was just Boom! in QT's mind and came to be. People, that took WORK - the kind of work that kills most mortal directors. To imagine, write and then rewrite and then film that epic. QT has said this mantra of "directors suck when they get old" for a while now and it's a shame to think Inglorious Bastards might be setting in that reality. If he pulls that one off, damn. I wonder if QT makes a film that can't top his former self, if he'll re-realize that mantra and change directions. I wonder.