Tuesday, March 06, 2007

ThinkFilm Damned In A New Statement From Terry Gilliam

Phil Stubbs has posted an open letter from Terry Gilliam on his Dreams website. It is a rather scathing attack on ThinkFilm for how they rendered Tideland ineligible for the Academy Awards. Yep: it couldn't even be nominated due to an 'oversight' on ThinkFilm's part.

And we thought the aspect ratio issue was as bad as it got. I had proposed a boycot on ThinkFilm's Tideland DVD. I'm now just a hair away from calling for a march on their headquarters.

Stupid, ignorant, selfish, greedy people. Foolish people. What sort of distributor doesn't do the necessary for their films to be eligible for the Oscars? Its not hard - just a little bit of paperwork. ThinkFilm are clearly not fit for purpose.

I'm hoping this scenario prompts other filmmakers to think twice before signing a contract with these idiots.

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