Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Three For McG

In recent months, McG has been linked to family film Me and My Monster, and now IESB seek to shackle his name to The Losers and a remake of Fantastic Voyage. I'd prefer to see the Fantastic Voyage, I think, but I doubt it would dislodge Innerspace from my cushiony heart. Which will it really be? The Losers, I'd bet. The execs will see how similar the comic book original is to The A-Team and pigeonhole McG accordingly, turn on the green light and get scribbling with their Blankety Blank paraphenalia.

Poor old McG. He gets such a hard time. Though I've only seen his Charlie's Angels films (besides any number of promos and music videos) and am still waiting for We Are Marshall to cross the Atlantic, I've got a lot of time for Joseph McGinty Nichol. A Superman film starring Beyonce Knowles and Justin Timberlake? It wouldn't have been Superman Returns, I'm sure, but it certainly had my curiosity piqued.

The motocross sequence in the second Charlie's Angels film was a better action scene than anything in Hot Fuzz, that's for sure. Well, in execution if not conception. The day Tony Scott can direct an action sequence better than McG is the day I'll start tightrope walking the standard line on those two.

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