Saturday, March 03, 2007

Tideland Aspect Ratio Debacle: Update

The Tideland aspect ratio debacle sprawls on.

Cinematical have joined the cause, linking back here. There's also much discussion on the 'Dreams' Terry Gilliam messageboard. The latest info?

Well, that the UK R2 DVD appears to be a 2.25:1, very near the 2.35:1 screened in cinemas. This appears to be Gilliam approved. I could confirm this for sure if Revolver had sent me the copy I was promised, but the last I heard it was 'going in the post today' - a week and a hlaf ago.

Well done Revolver for getting the aspect ratio (nearly?) right, nonetheless. However, almost all other versions of the film are cropped to 1.85:1 for those ol' 16:9 screens we're all snapping up these days. That includes the US, Canadian, French and Belgian releases.

Watch this space for further details and a full and frank apology to Revolver when my disc finally arrives.


Luke said...

Hi Brendon,
Revolver still unforthcoming? That's very disappointing. I checked out their disc the best way I could think of (laptop's liquid crystal screen and a good old plastic ruler) and computed that at best the ratio seems to be 2.07:1 (to 2d.p., as I'm already in school maths mode). Which is also disappointing. The packaging very definitely cites 2.35:1 as well. Hope that helps, despite low-tech methodology.

Luke said...

Oh, bugger it, I'm confused (after kicking around the internet looking for information). The display might use pixels in a different ratio, but still have all the same information as the 2.35:1 film. I had the width and height as they physically appeared on screen, but that ain't necessarily a true representation of what's there. I gladly defer to any authoritative knowledge of how these things work. Definite cropping on the other releases seems pretty pointless to me, and completely compromises the experience.