Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Todd Stopped?

Just about every British tabloid is alive with the sound of BS, this morning. Well... I hope so, at least.

Reports pretty much across the board have it that, sadly, Johnny Depp has halted production of Tim Burton's Sweeney Todd while his daughter Lily-Rose is sick in hospital. So far, it would seem, they production has had almost two weeks on hiatus, and according to most of these reports, if Depp doesn't return at the end of this week, staff will be fired and the film is likely to be closed down.

I dare say that a temporary shut down is underway, but it seems unlikely that the film will be axed entirely because of this... doesn't it?

Where do your sympathies lie? With Depp? With the hundreds of cast and crew that could end up losing their jobs?

Maybe the curse of Terry Gilliam that supposedly crippled The Man Who Killed Don Quixote will now be reinterpreted as the curse of Johnny Depp.

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