Sunday, March 18, 2007

Variety Talk Frank Miller, Confuse Matters

According to Variety, Frank Miller is writing a sequel to 300. Well, a sequel of sorts - he's adapting another 'mythic tale from Greek history'. Of course, according to the new golden rule of Frank, Zack Snyder couldn't return as director - Miller's apparently to direct everything himself after his upcoming Austin summer with Rodriguez.

They also claim in the same piece that Jessica Alba is playing the 'title role' in Sin City 2: A Dame to Kill For, so, they've clearly got some crossed wires somewhere.


Ted said...

I can't find the link, but Rodriguez was recently interviewed as saying SC2 will be more like one "big" story, and will have new tales to tell (the big one Miller's been talking about has Alba avenging Bruce Willis' death). How they intend to make a prologue to the first movie overlap with a sequel is anyone's guess.

Brendon said...

Hi, Ted

That story was quoted here a week or so back. They'll use all manner of flashbacks and surprise reveals - could be a lot of fun.

I hope there's another guest director.