Friday, March 16, 2007

What's Up With Veronica Mars?

So, Veronica Mars is either a) cancelled, b) not cancelled and going ahead as planned or c) going ahead with a new format, jumping the story forward a few years and placing Veronica in the FBI.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, it's c) and Rob Thomas, the series creator, is filming a trailer to pitch the new format to the network.

E! Online have retracted their earlier Veronica Mars is Cancelled! story and run a What's Up with Veronica Mars? sort of story instead. Seemed like a good idea, so... I thought I'd... er... borrow it. They went for a 1), 2), 3) format, I plumped for a), b), c) and shook the order up a bit.

Talking of a), b), c)... I can see either a) or c) being the correct answer - depending on the quality of the trailer - but I'd guess that b) is now out of the picture.

Veronica Mars was never picked up by any of the major channels here in the UK and was relegated to bad time slots on a crummy cable and satellite minor-player. We're stilling waiting for the DVDs too. I was only able to see two episodes, but they were certainly very good.

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