Sunday, March 25, 2007

Working For Peanuts

As a couple of you pointed out, I neglected to mention something rather important in my Meet the Robinsons 3D piece: there's a short before the feature.

Working for Peanuts was made in 1953 and originally screened using the anaglyph process - that's the one with the red/blue glasses. it's now been tidied up and reformatted into Real D, and very gorgeous it is too.

The cartoon stars Chip, Dale, Donald Duck and a Horton look alike. Obviously, the 3D process is somewhat more limited than in Robinsons as we're dealing with cel animation - multiplaned cel animation of course, but it still gives a less fully-3D effect than seen in most shots in the feature.

Hopefully Disney will keep the Real D releases coming, and maybe we'll get to see their first stereoscopic cartoon, Melody, with one of them.

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