Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Youth Without Youth And The Temple Of Doom

UA are bidding for Francis Frod Copolla's Youth Without Youth - yet another shrewd move on Cruise/Wagner's part. This will win them kudos and, as the film only had a $5 million budget, they would have got it cheap.

According to one exec who saw the film, it was like "an arty Raiders of the Lost Ark" - but if that doesn't sound bad enough, check out Variety's plot summary:

...a 70-year-old who is struck by lightning and suddenly gets younger and more brilliant. His quest: to understand the origin of language and consciousness. By movie's end, he and the love of his life... are literally speaking in tongues.

Tim Roth is playing the 70-year old man, at least when 'younger and more brilliant'; Alexandra Maria Lara the love of his life.

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