Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Zombie Turns Down Halloween Sequel Option

When the new Halloween spawns a sequel, Rob Zombie will not be directing it. He's confirmed this to VH1, who have a rather detail-heavy set report online now. Another key reveal: that the original Halloween theme, which was intended to play in a remixed form, will not now be used at all. Good.

So, who would make a good director for a new Halloween 2? Bearing in mind that Chan Wook Park, Larry Fessenden and Eli Roth have all got better things to do, I have no idea who to suggest.

Trick'r Treat is my tip for the big smash this Halloween, as word of mouth is likely to be incredible. Zombie's Halloween can only be hurt by fan loyalty to Carpenter's original and Saw IV will probably prove to be one too many.


Guy said...

dont you mean 3 too many?

Brendon said...

How about 4 too many.

But 1 too many for the Saw fans.

Anonymous said...

The one & only Quentin tarantino!